September 10, 2014

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Sarah Blackwell
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Sarah is a Physiotherapist who qualified in 2005 from Northumbria University and has worked at the Wrexham Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinic since graduation, learning from highly skilled Physiotherapists. Sarah has gained experience in areas of Physiotherapy, treating patients with post-surgical conditions to individuals with acute and chronic musculoskeletal injures. Sarah has experience in working with sports related injuries, ranging from amateur athletes, club level tennis / rugby / football to Olympic athletes in 2012. As part of the team, she has provided physiotherapy support at International tennis tournaments and football matches. Sarah has undertaken various courses including acupuncture and manual therapy furthering her knowledge and skills in the musculoskeletal field. Sarah has a particular interest in using kinesiology taping, acupuncture and more recently extra corporal shockwave therapy. She is a full member of the Acupuncture Association for Chartered Physiotherapists. Sarah also works in an Occupational health setting for three major international companies, providing assessments, treatment and advice to employees / employer and also to the wider multi-disciplinary occupational health team.
Sarah has set herself a goal, aiming to improve her fitness and general health, by signing up for the ‘Manchester Great Run 10km’ run, supporting ‘The Christie’ charity. Sarah enjoys walking her two dogs, enjoys socialising, travelling and is looking forward to getting married next year.
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